Meaningful results come from strong starts.

Prior to beginning any training program, you will undergo an initial assessment to discuss your health history, injury profile, and training experience.

We will complete a nutrition and lifestyle evaluation that will guide behavioural and outcome-based goal setting.

The assessment includes:

  • STEP 1
    BODY COMPOSITION: With the use of skin-fold and girth measurements, we can accurately evaluate your body fat percentage and track your progress.         

  • STEP 2
    POSTURE ANALYSIS: We observe the alignment of body segments looking for faulty posture in a static position that may increase stress on the joints. 

  • STEP 3
    FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREEN: Lastly, we screen for risk factors associated with movement-based activities that are key to daily life to determine if your movement patterns are optimal, acceptable, or dysfunctional.

This specialized process ensures that your exercise program designed is targeted to your needs and abilities.